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 Pleiades Business Inc. RETIRED.

A BIO ON TONY O'CLERY******************Tony was born in Cumbria , in the Lake District, and was raised in a predominantly Irish family. He finished his secondary schooling at St Anselm's College, Grammar School, Birkenhead, Merseyside U.K. ,( After first completing a year in the Preparatory -Primary School, 'Redcourt-St Anselm's', and Sacred Heart ,Moreton, 'Infants and Junior'). Tony then attended the Liverpool College of Art, of John Lennon fame, and passed his Art exams. 

After a few months working at Cadbury's Factory; He then worked in the Civil Service (Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was seconded to the' Crown Agents 'in London, for some of years, before moving to Australia. He also had to sign the 'OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT'.

 His father was from a Dublin Family, a schoolteacher,(Chief Inspector of Schools, and an ex officer in the Indian Army. NW Frontier). 

His paternal grandmother's Jewish family fled Lithuania/Poland during the pogroms and settled in Dublin.His paternal great grandfather Joseph Kelley, also spent many years in His Chicago Ill. U.S.A. and was also a US Citizen,

 Naturalised in Chicago.

In fact continuing the American connection his late father,in-law,(step) was a US pilot in WWII, Europe and the Pacific...

--(On his mother's side, his direct family also pioneered Montana U.S.A., (emigrating from South Armagh). His great grandfather and his brother pioneered Montana Territory and sold horses to the US Cavalry in the late 19th century, near Sheridan, 1870s, 1880s onwards. They visited Ireland when they could and his last entry to Ellis Island was Oct 14th 1899, on the Luciana from Liverpool.

 His Great Grandfather Michael McNally worked in the Anaconda Montana ,mine and died due to lung disease developed there--

-He was naturalised in Montana.....

He was a US Citizen. So both Great-Grandfathers were US Citizens making both Grandmothers the same....and so on.( A child of a US Citizen is also a citizen).

My exact position;

INA Section 322 provides for the expedited naturalization of the alien child of a citizen, if the alien child is “residing outside of the United States” and meets the relevant requirements of Section 322. One requirement is that the citizen parent must have “been physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years.” INA § 322(a)(2)(A), 8 U.S.C. § 1433(a)(2)(B). If the citizen parent cannot meet this requirement, the alien child may still qualify if the citizen parent’s own citizen parent can meet the physical presence requirement. Id. § 322(a)(2)(B), 8 U.S.C. § 1433(a)(2)(B).

  • H

 His late mother returned to Ireland, and lived in County Louth, Republic of Ireland,with my sister, and is buried there.

 After working in the,Civil Service, cutting sugar cane-fields, working as a Union Organiser on building sites and in factories, being an elected Delegate to State and Federal Executive Councils of the ruling political party, being originally a Youth Executive.

 He was specialised in 'Employment Standards' and even called a successful strike against a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries, (Nightingale Chemicals).

 He was also active in non violent HUMAN RIGHTS, of various kinds during this time and later. Starting with Bertrand Russell's organisation, anti-apartheid, and other groups wanting equality....

He also ran an Irish Folk Club in Sydney after hours.

 He spent many years in SALES, FRANCHISING and FINANCE BROKING. He traveled and worked in the U.S., U.K. Ireland, The Far East, India, Mexico, and Canada, British Columbia, Spain.

He also attended 'THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND',BRISBANE AUSTRALIA, Reading British Constitutional Law/Statutes /Precedents -Associated Common Law ,and B.A. course. 


Tony is retired and married and has grandchildren.He also is a published author in adventure novel and Eastern And Vedanta Advaita Philosophy. He lives in BC Canada and winters in  Broward FL.USA .     




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